Portfolio: Rural

Church Door, Mapleton, MN
Marcie and the Woodpile, Mapleton, Mn
Spring Planting, Blue Earth Co, Mn
After the Storm-Volks in Garage, Mapleton, Mn
Sunflowers, Red River Valley, Mn
Chicken Feathers, Mapleton, Mn
Two Girls,Mapleton, Mn
Game of Life, Fish Lake, Mn
Church at Bentley, ND
Gravestone, Hager City, Wis
Crucifixion, Leith, ND
Church Window, Bentley, ND
Spring,Old Finch Farm Road, NC
Boat in Backyard, Fish Lake, Mn
Dock at Camp Van Vac, Ely, Mn
Bagley Grain Elevator, Leith ND
Horses Laugh, Mapleton, Mn
Barn at Frontenac, Mn
Meyers Car,Hager City, Wisc
Toms Truck, Ely, Mn
Spot Cafe, Washington
Skelley Sign and Pump House, Lily, SD
Leah, Meyers Farm, Hager City, Wis
White Door, Blue Earth Co, Mn